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Foundation Boil

Through all our years of boiling, we’ve learned that the foundation of a great boil is the seasoning you use. Though easy to overlook, it matters.

Our Foundation Boil seafood boil seasoning bag is the perfect balance between flavor and spice. With less salt and more of the ingredients we all love, you’re guaranteed to get it right.

Use our seasoning calculator to help you understand the correct seasoning-to-water ratio for your specific pot.

  • Now available in Original or Hot.
  • Brings plenty of flavor to your crawfish, shrimp, or crab boil.
  • Repeatable results for flavor and spice.

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Why Use Our Seafood Boil Seasoning Bag?

Choose the Foundation Boil and elevate your seafood boils to legendary status.

This specially formulated mix is designed to enhance the natural flavors of your seafood without overwhelming them, particularly shining when combined with fresh garlic, onions, and celery. Its unique blend of spices strikes an optimal balance between zest and heat, making it versatile for all taste preferences, whether you prefer the milder Original flavor or the spicier Hot version. By using less salt and more essential spices, the Foundation Boil guarantees a more flavorful experience. Step up your game at your next boil and give the Foundation Boil a try!


Two ways: your seasoning and your soak. Use our crawfish, shrimp, and crab boil seasoning bag to create a rich stock, then let your seafood soak (after the cooldown) to absorb those delicious flavors. Follow the Boil Boss Recipe to get the most out of every ingredient!

We use around 6 lbs. of seasoning per batch in an 80 to 100 qt., but season your boil to taste. You can also use our seasoning calculator for help finding your ideal water-to-seasoning ratio.

Season your way to a more flavorful boil with our Foundation Boil. Like our other durable and reliable seafood boil supplies, our seasoning is designed to make your seafood boils less stressful and more successful. Shop our lifetime warranty-backed crawfish cooler and crawfish paddle, plus more innovative solutions today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Robert Spencer
Great Product and Support

Really loved the flavors and the “recipe” support the site has. From a northerner who just boils occasionally, this site was a huge help. Only request I would have is to offer a seasoning pack without peppers for those of us who have intestinal issues and hot spices can be upsetting. I suffer through the pain for the pleasure of the taste. Thanks!

All the seasonings you need in one bag

The name says it all, it's a Foundation for your seafood boil. It has all of the seasonings you need in the right amounts to get some spicy goodness in your seafood. Get ya some today and thank me later!!!!

Shelli Rimes
Best Boil Seasoning!

We have been boiling for many years and decided to try this seasoning. It is amazing! And our new go-to.

Anthony Marshall
Get it right the first time.

I came to the Boil Boss site to buy the Boil Ring. Which works great. Then I saw the seasoning. Needles to say each Boil turn out great. Everyone gor mothers day was so pleased, everyone has ordered the ring and the seasoning for their next Boil at home. Thanks for a great product.
Trey, LSU


Great stuff!!!!