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About Us

A Pull Towards Invention

Growing up, our family dinner conversations frequently revolved around ideas and inventions. Our dad loved challenging us to think about creative solutions to problems, and we all enjoyed the excitement of brainstorming and solving those issues together. Born and raised in New Orleans, it’s no surprise our first product stemmed from an idea to improve crawfish boils. Our story is simple: Boil Boss was founded by a father-son team of inventors with a passion for improving the way things are done.

Identifying and Solving Pain Points

After learning the ropes of backyard boils and perfecting our recipe, we noticed a major pain point in the boiling process: rapidly cooling down your boil before soaking. While many variables can make or break a boil, the easiest way to ruin a great day is to overcook your seafood. After cooking, the temperature needs to be rapidly reduced to stop the cooking process and allow for soaking, where the seafood absorbs all of the spice and juices.

Rapidly cooling down a large seafood pot does not come easy, and we saw many boilers struggling with this challenge. This was the first pain point we wanted to attack. Boilers were using inefficient methods like bags of ice, frozen 2-liters, and frozen corn. Seeing this gap, we founded Boil Boss and introduced our patented 360° cooling ring—a simple solution that fits all sized pots and cools your boil down in just a few minutes.

Two years after launching the Boil Boss, customer-driven questions helped us identify additional pain points and opportunities for improvement in the boiling process. Questions like "How long should I use the Boil Boss?" and "How do I know they aren't still cooking?" were common. Our aim was to cut all the guesswork out of the process. This led to the development of the Boil Boss Thermo-Paddle, a crawfish paddle designed to make temperature control foolproof. The Thermo-Paddle features an easy-to-read, color-coded dial that shows the optimal temperature for soaking, guaranteeing you won't overcook your seafood. Whether you're a seasoned boiler or just starting out, the Thermo-Paddle offers the precision and control needed to master the art of the seafood boil with confidence.

Next up: a mission to make boils faster, more efficient, and more convenient. Existing propane burners were difficult to light, slow to boil, and inefficient. After a few years of R&D and engineering, we designed the easy-to-light Triple Jet Burner. With patented and innovative features like remote ignition, a triple jet layout and blue flame design, our propane jet burner delivers rapid boils and wastes less propane. Built for durability, this is a piece of equipment you can rely on for years and even pass down to the next generation.

We understand the work that goes into pulling off the perfect boil and the satisfaction that comes after you're told, "You crushed it.” Our drive has been to develop and build seafood boil supplies that give you that satisfaction, with every boil. Each product has been designed and engineered with the end user in mind, and we are proud to stand behind our solutions. With the confidence the Boil Boss products bring, you can spend more time with friends and family and less time stressing over your seafood... we've been there too! And we are now honored to have our products help you make your boils more meaningful.