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Seafood Boil Supplies & Equipment

Our patent-pending crawfish cooking supplies and equipment provide innovative solutions to common problems that keep boilers from pulling off 5-star results. Boil Boss is backed by a product-focused team of inventors who design quality products that aim to provide real solutions and results. Try our 360-degree cooling system, temperature monitoring paddle, Triple Jet Burner, and try our Foundation Boil seasoning!

Take Control of Your Process and Results With Our Seafood Boil Supplies

Controlling temperature is the key to better boils—a process that’s easier said than done. The Boil Boss is a 360-degree crawfish boiler cooling ring that attaches to your pot and a standard garden hose and brings the temperature down to 150° in under 5 minutes. The Thermo crawfish paddle is the perfect companion to the Boil Boss crawfish cooler, letting you know exactly when to turn off the Boil Boss and start soaking. This set of crawfish, shrimp, and crab boil equipment will give you the tools and confidence needed to become a master backyard boiler. Cook your seafood perfectly with ease!

Use Our Seafood Boil Supplies With Our Propane Jet Burner

Our state-of-the-art propane jet burner delivers lightning-fast boils, reduces propane consumption, and has a remote ignition system for hassle-free, painless lighting. We spent countless hours in the R&D phase to ensure that this game-changing jet burner tackles all of the major pain points—no more matches and lighters, slow heat-up times, or wasted fuel. With the Triple Jet Burner, you can focus on food, friends, and family instead of fussing with your crawfish cooking supplies. Make your seafood boil less stressful!


No, it just needs to be round! We make sure our seafood boil supplies are easy to use with your go-to pot. The Boil Boss comes in three sizes and has pivoting attachment clips so it will adjust to fit the exact diameter of your pot.

  • Large: Inner diameter: 29 inches. Fits 120-200-quart pots.
  • Standard: Inner diameter: 25.5 inches. Fits 60-120-quart pots. 
  • Small: Fits pots 60 quarts and under.
  • Not sure? Shoot us a text - (504) 233-3901

Attach the Boil Boss to a standard garden hose with the provided ball valve. When you’re ready to start cooling the pot, place the Boil Boss on your pot and turn on the water. Use the temperature-sensing Thermo-Paddle to stir your seafood while you watch the temperature drop, knowing exactly when to turn it off and begin soaking.

In short, no. Our crawfish cooking supplies and The Boil Boss were designed to be user-friendly and plug into and improve your existing process. The Boil Boss cooling system and Thermo-Paddle don’t change the basic process of boiling seafood—but are tools that give you control of the process and unlock results that are difficult to achieve without.

Similarly, the Triple Jet Burner will provide a familiar user experience, but with an upgraded performance compared to other jet burners. Check our blog for suggestions on how to get the best results with our crawfish, shrimp, and crab boil equipment.

We take pride in our high-quality seafood boil supplies. If you have a problem, we’ll take care of you. The Boil Boss and Thermo-Paddle are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, so order with confidence.