Foundation Boil

How much seasoning should I use?


Through all of our years boiling, we've learned that the foundation to a great boil is the seasoning you use. It matters and is easy to overlook. The Foundation Boil is the perfect balance between flavor and spice. With less salt and more of the ingredients we all love, you're guaranteed to get it right. Now available in Original or Hot.

Customer Reviews

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Chanda Polk

Three words: Full of Flavor! That is all

Raoul Schneider
Excellent product and service

Called up the company, ordered on line and got it delivered in a few days!


Great product and also accessories come in handy

Donnie Glatter
Boil Boss/Thermo Paddle

Excellent Product and fast shipping. Had the opportunity to put these products to the test this past weekend. 82 quart Bayou Classic boiling pot with 20 pounds large wild caught Gulf shrimp 16 - 20 count. Sorry but in West Central Texas all we can get is frozen and have to thaw. Back on Topic; 20 Pounds shrimp and all the fixings. Cool down to 150 degrees with boil boss 3 minutes 40 seconds with an ambient temp of 104 degrees. I cook/smoke briskets, ribs, chicken, ECT on a regular basic. Although retired, I cooked and was successful cooking BBQ Completions and the most important thing other than meat quality was temperature; Smoker temp and meat temp. The Boil Boss and Thermo Paddle gave me that temperature control.


Really nice add in for a crawfish boil

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