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Propane Triple Jet Burner

Pre-Order the Enhanced TJB V2 Today!
Capitalizing on the success of the sold-out TJB V1, the V2 continues our commitment to excellence by refining what was already great. Reserve yours now to guarantee availability. Use code TAKE10 for a discount that only applies for this pre-order. Questions about how the pre-order works? Email us: 


After countless hours of R&D and engineering, we've designed the fastest, most efficient, and easiest to light, propane jet burner available today. 

This is the crawfish pot burner boilers have been waiting for. Designed specifically for crawfish and seafood boils, we put attention toward all the details others have overlooked. This has resulted in what we believe is the best propane jet burner you can buy.

Boil Boss is a company founded by a father-and-son team of inventors. Being both South Louisiana natives, they understood the boiling process and its challenges, as well as the art of invention and product design. They decided to combine both of these perspectives and founded Boil Boss.

Finally—a crawfish burner that won’t stand in your way of executing a perfect seafood boil. The Triple Jet Burner was ultimately designed to help you deliver mouthwatering results and meaningful memories, beyond what was previously possible.

What's included:

  • 30 psi regulator and hose assembly included
  • Ignition system comes with batteries installed
  • Stainless steel finish may vary slightly


How to Use Our Propane Jet Burner

Using the Boil Boss Triple Jet is simple and the performance is unmatched. Our goal was to eliminate the hassle, stress, and overall poor experience that is all too expected with other propane jet burners. The results surpassed our expectations.

What were those problems, and how did we solve them? Here are three major pain points and our innovative solutions.


Problem #1: Lighting the Burner

Old-school matches and lighters? Not anymore.


The Igniter. No generic solutions here. We built our ignition system from the ground up, adding remote ignition capabilities. Designed for tough conditions, it's the most durable igniter in outdoor cooking and was specifically designed for this Triple Jet Burner. And, thanks to our specially designed electrode assembly, spark generation is possible even in wet conditions.


Problem #2: Slow Heat and Boil Time

Many crawfish burners are slow and use excessive amounts of propane. Hitting accurate cook times with them is difficult.


Triple Jet Layout. Three flames in independent locations enhance flame-to-pot contact. Our Flame Retention Plate works to keep these flames under your pot for longer, increasing thermal absorption.


Problem #3: Excessive Propane Use and Tank Freezing

A lot of pot burners are inefficient, especially at low pressures—as noted by the telltale orange/red flame. This means fuel is being wasted every time you use your propane jet burner.


Blue Flame Design. It adjusts the propane-to-air ratio across a wider pressure range, both high and low. Our jet tubes induct double the air, allowing us to slash propane consumption. This also helps decrease tank freeze issues. This is because we are reducing the flow rate of propane, ultimately decreasing the rate of state change.



British thermal unit (BTU) ratings are misleading. They don't account for a lot, like heat loss. Manufacturers who advertise high BTUs don't give you the context of what that number means; it's a theoretical maximum of the potential energy of propane at a maximum of pounds per square inch (PSI). Ultimately, we care about how effective our burner is at taking energy from propane and how that is translated into heating water. 

We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our products. This pot burner is built from 304 stainless steel and robotically welded here in Louisiana. We designed this jet burner to last and know you can depend on it to hold up year after year. It’s also backed by our warranty.

Try Out Our Proprietary Designs

Once you and your guests experience boiling with the Boil Boss crawfish boiler cooling system and the temperature-sensing crawfish paddle, you’ll never go back! This crawfish burner is one of the ways we’re changing the backyard boiling game, but fast and efficient heating is only part of pulling off a successful boil. Be sure to explore our other proprietary solutions that’ll help you boil like a boss. Place your order with full confidence, knowing that our top-quality propane jet burner and all other Boil Boss seafood boil supplies are built to last and backed by our warranty. Questions? Contact us anytime. Try out our proprietary designs, and experience the difference with every bite.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Stephen Bingham
Excellent Product!

Our recent crawfish Boil was a major success. We had an older Loco rig that was struggling to bring the water to a consistent boil. This Boil Boss burner DOES NOT mess around! You will definitely be pleasantly surprised at how much power it brings to your cooks! We love it!

Michael Morris

I haven’t tried it yet, but when I do, I will let you know how much I like it or dislike it .I am looking forward to it being my number one burner.

Gary Wilson
Poor Customer Service

I canceled this order before it was shipped but received no response. I sent additional emails and FaceBook messages but received no response. I haven’t used the Triple Jet Burner and probably won’t.

Christy Gunther

The triple jet burner and boil boss are Christmas gifts so they haven't been given yet…

Richard Ponthier
Quality products excellent customer service

This is a great company with friendly people and great products! I highly recommend.