Triple Jet Burner

 After countless hours of R&D and engineering, we have designed the fastest, most efficient, and easiest to light jet burner available today. 

We recognized the challenges many face during the boiling process and decided to tackle them head-on.

What were these problems and how did we solve them? 


Problem #1 - Lighting the Burner:

Old-school matches and lighters? Not anymore.

Solution: The Igniter. No generic solutions here. We built our ignition system from the ground up, adding remote ignition. Designed for tough conditions, it's the most durable igniter in outdoor cooking and was specifically designed for this burner. 


Problem #2 - Slow Heat and Boil Time:
Many burners are slow and use excess propane. hitting accurate cook times is difficult 

Solution: Triple Jet Layout. Three flames in independent locations enhance flame to pot contact. Our Flame Retention Plate works to keep these flames under your pot for longer, increasing thermal absorption. 


Problem #3 - Excess Propane Use and Tank Freezing:
A lot of burners are inefficient, especially at low pressures – noted by their orange/red flame. This means propane is being wasted. 

Solution: Blue Flame Design. It adjusts the propane-to-air ratio across a wider pressure range, both high and low. Our jet tubes induct double the air, allowing us to slash propane consumption by nearly half. This also helps decrease tank freeze issues. 


30psi regulator and hose assembly included. 

Ignition system comes with batteries installed. 

Stainless Steel finish may vary slightly. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Michael Morris

I haven’t tried it yet, but when I do, I will let you know how much I like it or dislike it .I am looking forward to it being my number one burner.

Gary Wilson
Poor Customer Service

I canceled this order before it was shipped but received no response. I sent additional emails and FaceBook messages but received no response. I haven’t used the Triple Jet Burner and probably won’t.

Christy Gunther

The triple jet burner and boil boss are Christmas gifts so they haven't been given yet…

Richard Ponthier
Quality products excellent customer service

This is a great company with friendly people and great products! I highly recommend.

High efficiency and heavy duty! Great product!

When I first received this burner in the mail I was very excited to see how heavy duty this burner is! It is very well built and has some nice weight to it. The electric start makes lighting this burner so easy and perfect blue flames to efficiently get that water boiling fast! I feel it is a perfect compliment to boil boss amazing product line up and now crawfish season can’t get here quick enough! Can’t wait to see what they come up with next! I would Definitely recommend to anyone who is serious about perfecting their seafood boil.

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