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Boil Boss Thermo-Paddle

The Boil Boss crawfish paddle was designed to help educate boilers about the most important cooking variable: temperature.

With its easy-to-read, labeled dial, it shows the optimal temperature ranges for both cooking and soaking. This is especially critical during the cooldown process when lowering the water to a specific temperature for soaking (generally around 150°) is required to avoid overcooking.

The ability to monitor temperature while continuing to stir the pot allows for greater temperature control and eliminates the guesswork.

  • Easy way to monitor temperature and ensure the perfect soak.
  • Prevents seafood from overcooking.

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Why Use Our Temperature-Sensing Crawfish Paddle?

Problem #1

You know that seafood boils need to be cooled down before the soak, but have no way of knowing when you’ve hit the optimal temperature (150° to 160°).


The guesswork ends here. The labeled temperature dial of our cooking paddle tells you the precise temperature of your seafood boil, including when it’s reached the ideal soak temperature or not.

Problem #2

Adding ice or frozen corn into your boil cools it down unevenly and to inconsistent temperatures.


When combined with the Boil Boss, stirring delivers consistent results thanks to a more even temperature distribution. The temperature monitoring of our crawfish boil paddle ensures you reach the perfect temperature each time.

Problem #3

Too hot – or too cool – temperatures result in overcooked, mushy, or tough-to-peel seafood.


Put the control back in your hands with our crawfish paddle. Rather than relying on the often inconsistent results of age-old temperature techniques and rough guesses, our seafood boil paddle tells you the temperature sweet spot to prevent overcooking.


Our cooking paddle makes it easy. As the Boil Boss crawfish cooler is cooling your seafood, you’ll stir while monitoring the temperature on the dial. Once the dial reaches the green zone, that means your boil has reached the optimal temperature to start your soak!

Though we specially designed it for crawfish boils, you can use your paddle for anything from shrimp to crab to lobster.

Time and temperature when soaking are two of the most important factors to a successful boil. Too high of a temperature and your seafood overcooks. If it takes too long to cool, you (again) risk overcooking. It’s essential to rapidly cool your boil and monitor the temperature to prevent overcooking and maximize flavor from your soak.

Stop Overcooking Your Seafood

Feel confident during every seafood boil with Boil Boss. Our innovative seafood boil supplies are designed to take the stress and guesswork out of the boil process, so you can stop overcooking your seafood and start producing better results. Plus, trust your crawfish paddle will last seafood boil after seafood boil with our lifetime warranty. Try out our patented designs!

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