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Discover Our Patented Innovations for Crawfish Cookers


Avoid Overcooking

Remote Ignition

Heats Up Quickly

Burns Cleaner

Higher Burn Efficiency

Lifetime Warranty

The Boil Boss crawfish boil equipment is designed to give you ultimate control. The Boil Boss's ability to rapidly stop the cooking process combined with the Boil Boss Thermo-Paddle’s integrated thermometer, allows you to control and monitor a cooking variable that has been ignored until now — temperature. Increase control, maximize flavor, eliminate the risk of overcooking, and execute the perfect boil.

Our all-new Triple Jet Burner provides the ultimate user experience and performance gains over traditional propane jet burners. Ignition, heating speed, and propane consumption were all areas we focused on improving.

Use our purpose-built crawfish, crab, and shrimp boil equipment — once you try the line of Boil Boss inventions for your crawfish cooker, you’ll understand the difference.

The Boil Boss Demonstration

The Boil Boss Demonstration

by Don Dubuc 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Boil Boss is available in three sizes, though the standard size is our most popular. All sizes come with adjustable pivoting brackets to ensure compatibility with the vast majority of boiling pots.

Sizing guide by pot qt. size:

  • Small: Fits pots 60 quarts and under.
  • Standard: Fits 60-120-quart pots. The inner diameter is 25.5 inches.
  • Large: Fits 120-200-quart pots. The inner diameter is 29 inches.

Need help choosing a size? Text us at (504) 233-3901‬.

Cooling your crawfish cooker with the Boil Boss is simple and straightforward. 

  • Once you have completed the boiling process and your propane jet burner has been turned off, the Boil Boss is ready to be attached. The Boil Boss should not be attached during the boiling process or while the burner is on. 

To attach The Boil Boss to your crawfish boiling equipment:

  • Connect The Boil Boss to a hose using the provided ball valve. (It's best to do this while you're boiling, so it is ready and on standby.)
  • Keep the Boil Boss brackets flat and do not pre-adjust or move them. Orient the Boil Boss above your crawfish cooker and push the Boil Boss directly down on top of your pot. The brackets will automatically adjust and catch the edge of your pot. 
  • Turn on the water and start stirring.
  • Use the Boil Boss Thermo-Paddle to stir the water and monitor the temperature until your Thermo-Paddle reaches the green “soak” zone. Avoid soaking in the red zone as your seafood will continue to cook.

Yes, Boil Boss products are used for any outdoor seafood boiling. This includes lobster, crab, and shrimp. The Boil Boss cooling ring is perhaps the most critical for boiling shrimp — make sure it's a part of your shrimp boil equipment lineup! Shrimp are notoriously easy to overcook.

Designed in-house by Boil Boss to be the toughest igniter in outdoor cooking, the Igniter is 100% waterproof and built to be compatible with The Boil Boss

Long-lasting reliable power. Comes ready to go with a CR123 battery included.

Remote ignition. The Igniter makes it possible to keep your hands away from the flame when using your propane burner and is designed to elevate the experience of your entire crawfish cooker setup. Relight with the push of a button. Use the remote or the “Ignite” button on the burner itself.

To activate remote ignition, press and hold the Remote On/Off button for five seconds until the LED indicator blinks one time. While the remote ignition feature is active, the LED indicator will blink, indicating it is on. Remote ignition will turn off automatically after four hours.

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