What is the BOILBOSS?

The Boil Boss is a revolutionary cooling system designed to rapidly drop the temperature of your boil. By connecting to any standard garden hose, the Boil Boss showers the outside of your pot with water, rapidly dropping the temperature of your Boil to 150 degrees in as little as 3:30 minutes. A rapid reduction in temperate is the most critical step in any boil as it not only stops the cooking process but shocks your crawfish, forcing them to absorb as much juice as possible and sink. With it’s rotating brackets, the Boil Boss is adjustable and will fit a wide range of pot diameters.

Why you should be using The Boil Boss

The best seafood is flavorful, juicy, and easy to peel. Achieving that kind of perfection is made possible when you have the ability to control the cooking process. The most critical part of any boil is the soaking process. It is during the soaking process that your seafood is able to absorb those bold flavors we all crave.

If you are serious about boiling great seafood and love juicy, easy to peel, crawfish, shrimp, and crabs; it’s time to start using the Boil Boss and paying attention to the temperature!

Like chicken, beef, or pork; crawfish, shrimp, and crabs cook above a specific temperature for a brief period of time. It is only once your seafood is rapidly dropped to 150F that they are able to stop cooking and absorb as much juice as possible. A rapid reduction in temperature shocks the seafood, forcing them to absorb juice, but more importantly, stops them from continuing to cook.

The problem is that simply turning off the burner and stirring your pot will not stop the cooking process. In fact, the temperature will stay above 180F for more than 20 minutes, allowing your seafood to continue to cook, preventing them from absorbing liquid. 

Even when removed from the pot and dumped on the serving table, your seafood holds so much heat that they will continue to cook. Using the Boil Boss reduces the temperature of your seafood while they are in the pot, forcing them to contract and absorb liquid, ensuring that you end up with phenomenal results.   

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