Boil Boss

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Made from high quality, durable polymers, the Boil Boss attaches to a wide range of pot diameters with its patented rotating brackets. By connecting to any standard garden hose, the boil boss will rapidly cool your crawfish, shrimp, and crabs to 150 degrees in under 5 minutes without the need for ice.

Sizing information: The Boil Boss's pivoting brackets allow for it to adjust to a wide range of pot diameter. 

Standard Boil Boss fits 60-120 quart pots. Has an inner diameter of 25.5 inches. 

Large Boil Boss fits 120-200 quart pots. Has an inner diameter of 29 inches. 

Small Boil Boss fits 60 quart pots and under.

Why use the Boil Boss?                                 

  • Stops seafood from overcooking
  • Promotes liquid and flavor absorption
  • Makes seafood easier to peel
  • Cuts soaking time for quicker batches
  • Doesn’t dilute your recipe
  • Saves cost
  • Saves hassle

Customer Reviews

Based on 462 reviews
Pat Darvie
Great products and outstanding service

Got my boil boss and paddle well packaged in only 2 days. Both work beyond my wildest dreams. The only problem is my son took them with him back to his house so I have to order both again....LOL

Walter DuBose
Small Boil Boss

Great customer support by Myles in answering my questions before purchase. The Boil Boss is well made and an ingenious product. I owe a shout out to Rus Jones of Smoky Ribs for making me aware of this great gadget!

Christopher Deitloff
My mistake

I selected the wrong size, too small. Is it returnable for larger size?

Dennis OBrien

Boil Boss

"Excellent" Product !!!!!.

We Boiled about 20 lbs of Shrimp along with all the normal Cajun fixing. The Boil Boss performed "Great". In less than 3 min. they were cooled down to 150 degrees. Sure beats using ice. I highly recommend the Boil Boss.

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