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Boil Boss Pot Cooler

We developed a simple, innovative, and effective way to cool your crawfish pot. Using the Boil Boss prevents overcooking, increases seasoning absorption, and reduces overall batch times.

Made from high-quality, durable polymers, the Boil Boss crawfish cooler attaches to a wide range of pot diameters with its patented rotating brackets.

By connecting it to any standard garden hose, the Boil Boss is an easy add-on to any round crawfish boiler setup. The Boil Boss will rapidly cool your crawfish, shrimp, and crabs to 150°F in under five minutes, without the need for ice. This:

  • Stops seafood from overcooking
  • Promotes liquid and flavor absorption
  • Makes seafood easier to peel
  • Cuts soaking time for quicker batches
  • Doesn’t dilute your recipe
  • Saves ingredient cost
  • Gives a repeatable process for repeatable results
  • Reduces stress!


Why Use the Boil Boss Pot Cooler on Your Crawfish Boiler Setup?

The Boil Boss is a crawfish cooler and is incredibly easy to use. We set out to create a user-friendly cooling solution that makes pulling off a successful seafood boil a stress- and hassle-free process. The soak can make or break a boil, and the Boil Boss delivers on providing a dependable tool that enables an easy-to-follow, repeatable process. The Boil Boss delivers outstanding results that are hard to achieve without it.

Why did we see a need to invent The Boil Boss? There are quite a few reasons, but here are some of the big ones that pushed us to action.

Problem #1: Hot Soaking = NOT Soaking.

Time isn’t the only variable to consider when boiling seafood. Temperature is a key component that often goes overlooked. In fact, time on its own can be misleading without its counterpart—temperature.

Traditionally, when it comes time to soak, crawfish boilers turn the burner off, sit back, watch the clock, and soak until their crawfish sink (sinking is the tell-tale sign that your bugs have absorbed liquid).

But we believe this is where there is a misunderstanding. When your crawfish sink, what they are really telling you, is that they have stopped cooking. They have finally cooled down enough to absorb the liquid they lost during the boiling process.

So, does this mean the crawfish were cooking before they sank? Yes! And as long as your crawfish are floating, they are still cooking and NOT soaking. This is why dropping the temperature before soaking is critical. Temperature is the most important variable for soaking.


The Boil Boss surrounds the entire outer surface area of your crawfish boiling pot with a steady stream of water. Just 3-5 minutes of this 360-degree continuous water coverage and some vigorous stirring, and the temperature of your crawfish boiler will come down 150F-160F. This stops the cooking process.

As the Boil Boss showers water and the temperature drops, you’ll watch your crawfish sink, telling you they are no longer cooking. This marks the beginning of your soak.

Problem #2: Ice and other methods fall short.

Some are aware of the importance of temperature and use a variety of methods to try and stop the cooking process. Some are more effective in temperature reduction than others but they all have their pitfalls. A couple of the methods and the problems associated with each:

  1. Ice: This is adding fresh water directly to your boil, diluting the expensive seasoning and stock you spent the morning or afternoon prepping for and cooking down. To bring the temperature of a standard 100 QT pot to 150F, you will need about 20 lbs of ice for each batch. This is about 2.4 gallons! For most 100 QT pot recipes, this is 20% of the water you originally added to your crawfish boiler, for each batch! In addition to the water you add to your recipe, the ice method results in inconsistent seasoning absorption. Crawfish that were closest to the ice, will absorb more diluted water than crawfish that were further away, in hotter water.
  2. Frozen corn: For frozen corn to effectively stop the cooking process, you would be eating corn for the rest of the year. That's to say it takes a lot of frozen corn to do the work of ice or the Boil Boss. The 12-24 pack that most use will drop the temperature by 5-10 degrees.


The Boil Boss crawfish cooler moves you from the cooking phase to the soaking phase in under five minutes, all without adding anything to your recipe. No buying ice and no dilution. Each batch gets better and better as you layer more seasoning and your stock continues to cook down without introducing water.

Problem #3: Stressful Backyard Boils

You spent a lot of money on your ingredients. You invited friends and family over to have a fun experience and make memories together. And at the center of these memories is your boil and how they came out. If you’re a crawfish boiler, you know that cooking seafood perfectly can be stressful, especially if you're still working to dial in your process.


The Boil Boss crawfish pot cooler eliminates the guesswork and puts you in control. Our cooling system gives you the tools and a process to follow. Combined with our Thermo-Paddle, you are set up for success. The more guesswork you can take out, the more you can genuinely enjoy and trust the process, focusing on making great food with great people. Because of the Boil Boss and the process of paying attention to and controlling the soak, every boil can be an impressive success. If you don't want to take our word for it, read some of our reviews.


Because the Boil Boss comes in three sizes, you should have no problem achieving a perfect fit with your crawfish boilerpot. Additionally, the Boil Boss's pivoting brackets allow for it to adjust to a wide range of pot diameters.

  • Standard Boil Boss: Fits 60 to 120-quart pots. Has an inner diameter of 25.5 inches. 
  • Large Boil Boss: Fits 120 to 200-quart pots. Has an inner diameter of 29 inches. 
  • Small Boil Boss: Fits 60-quart pots and under.

Need some help selecting a size? Shoot us a text if you're not sure - (504) 233-3901‬.

While the Boil Boss is cooling your seafood, you’ll need to stir it steadily while keeping an eye on the temperature. We invented a temperature-sensing crawfish paddle to handle both tasks at once. Use this ultra-convenient device to stir your crawfish boilerpot, and the easy-to-read dial will show you the optimal temperature ranges for both cooking and soaking in real-time. Once the temperature hits the “green” soak zone on the Thermo-Paddles dial, you can turn off the Boil Boss and start soaking.

All you need is a standard garden hose to use our crawfish pot cooler. Connect your hose. When you’re ready to start cooling, attach the Boil Boss to your crawfish boiler, turn your hose on and the Boil Boss will provide 360-degree water coverage. When you’ve reached your soaking temperature, the cooling is done, turn off the hose, and the soaking begins. From here, soak to taste!

Shop the Innovative Boil Boss

The Boil Boss crawfish cooler is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, so place your order with 100% confidence. We have rigid quality standards to ensure that our seafood boil supplies will hold up to regular use. While boiling is at our core, we are even more passionate about designing and building quality products for new and seasoned crawfish boilers. As a father-and-son team of inventors, our goal is to provide you with equipment that is durable, innovative, and effective. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime. Ready to step up your game and invest in tools that are guaranteed to help? Try our patent-pending designs!

Customer Reviews

Based on 607 reviews

Works great

Kevin Roske
Boil Boss cooling ring

After seeing the boil boss cooling ring on several you tube videos I decided to give it a try on my latest seafood boil. Ordering was quick and it shipped right away even with the Fourth of July holiday quickly approaching. Super easy to set up and use and I couldn’t believe that it cooled down my pot in less than 4 minutes. It is definitely as advertised. Highly recommend this for anyone who like to boil anything in their cookers. No diluted waters anymore and no buying 5 bags of ice.

lupe lozano
1st boil with the boil boss

Really did bring the temperature down fast, definitely recommend it! I was impressed!

Alvin Robinson
Man the Boil Boss Pot Cooker is Amazing!

The Boil Boss Pot Cooker does exactly what it says it does. Thank you

Cedrick Shells

It worked amazing fastest cool down ever