Boil Boss

Made from high quality, durable polymers, the Boil Boss attaches to a wide range of pot diameters with its patented rotating brackets. By connecting to any standard garden hose, the boil boss will rapidly cool your crawfish, shrimp, and crabs to 150 degrees in under 5 minutes without the need for ice.

Sizing information: The Boil Boss's pivoting brackets allow for it to adjust to a wide range of pot diameter. 

Standard Boil Boss fits 60-120 quart pots. Has an inner diameter of 25.5 inches. 

Large Boil Boss fits 120-200 quart pots. Has an inner diameter of 29 inches. 

Small Boil Boss fits 60 quart pots and under.

Why use the Boil Boss?                                 

  • Stops seafood from overcooking
  • Promotes liquid and flavor absorption
  • Makes seafood easier to peel
  • Cuts soaking time for quicker batches
  • Doesn’t dilute your recipe
  • Saves cost
  • Saves hassle


Customer Reviews

Based on 552 reviews
Tim Sherman
i bought the wrong size my pot too small for the ringi bought

i bought wrong size

mike griffin
Excellent product

I've been boiling crawfish/shrimp for over 20 years. This product rocks!!!

Great product

Used it for the first time over the weekend. Cooled my water from 180+ to 150 in less than five minutes. Pretty impressive. Highly recommend.

Gary Garbelman
Boil Boss is "Bad To The Bone"!!

The Boil Boss, Paddle and Seasoning all arrived in a timely fashion, fits the pot well and is great quality! Thanks so much!!

Brian DiTonno
Works great

Great product. Good quality and cooled down the boil in minutes without having to use ice

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