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How to Boil Crawfish: Mastering Temperature Control for the Perfect Boil

June 24, 2024

crawfish boil in a wire strainer

At Boil Boss, we appreciate the details that go into pulling off the perfect Boil. Drawing on many years of boiling, we've put together all of our tips and tricks into a step-by-step crawfish boil guide that walks you from start to finish. Whether you are learning every step and detail for the first time, or have boiled a thousand times and are seeking to improve, our boil guide was built for you. Learn everything from the basics of how long you boil crawfish to the science behind temperature control.

crawfish recipe

What You’ll Need

How to Boil Crawfish: A Step-By-Step Crawfish Boil Guide

closeup of a person holding crawfish

1. Fill your pot with 12 gallons of water.

Seafood Boil Calculator

– 18" diameter pot = fill 11" 

– 19" diameter pot = fill 9.75" 

– 20" diameter pot = fill 8.75" 

– 21" diameter pot = fill 8" 

– 22" diameter pot = fill 7.25"

NOTE: One of the most overlooked steps: getting the amount of water right will make or break the boil!

2. Clean the crawfish. Wash with water until completely clean and clear. The easiest and most effective way is to use a crawfish washer.

3. Ignite the burner and set it to medium heat. Don’t over-crank the regulators to ensure you don’t freeze your tank over. You’ll need the pressure when you add your crawfish.

4. While the water is heating, add:

– Foundation Boil Dry Seasoning
– Celery
– Onions
– Garlic
– Zatarain’s® Lemon Liquid Shrimp & Crab Boil
– 6-12 oz of your favorite vinegar-based hot sauce

5. Juice lemons & tangerines into a large container. Reserve for later. After juicing, add 10–12 citrus rinds to the boil.

6. Once water is at a boil, cook down for 20-25 minutes. You’re making a stock and looking for everything to soften, especially the garlic. Once finished, sample the stock and add additional seasoning to taste.

7. Add potatoes. Boil until potatoes are al dente. Do a stab test with a knife. Sweet potatoes can be cut into smaller chunks.

8. Then, add:

– Crawfish
– Smoked Sausage
– Frozen Corn
– Mushrooms (add sooner if you prefer them softer)
– Other Lagniappe Ingredients

Note: Adding additional ingredients will affect the recipe’s outcome, as some items absorb more liquid/seasoning than others.

9. How long do you boil crawfish? Crank the burner all the way, returning the water to a rolling boil. Let cook for 3–5 minutes. If boiling smaller crawfish, cook for 2–3 minutes.

10. How to boil crawfish: The cool down. Cut the fire, install the Boil Boss cooling ring, and start the cool down. Add the lemon and tangerine juice. The crawfish boil temperature is in your control with the Thermo-Paddle™, so stir constantly until the water temperature lowers to 155 degrees.

11. Soak for 20-30 minutes. Tip: Agitate the basket before removing it. This will distribute any seasoning that has settled during the soak.

Take the Stress Out of Boils

seafood boil with shrimp, crab, and corn

The first step in how to boil crawfish perfectly is having the right seafood boil supplies. Boil Boss has eliminated the guesswork on temperature control and taken the stress out of boils with our innovative crawfish cooker solutions. Try out our patented designs today!

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