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Why Buy a Boil Boss?

The Boil Boss crawfish cooling system

Tired of the pressure to get your food just right for friends and family? We were too, which is why we sought to create real solutions that put an end to the stress of cooking up the perfect seafood boils. Eliminate the guesswork out of seafood boils and put control back into your own hands with Boil Boss!

Prevent Overcooking and Maintain Flavor

Boiling seafood can be a tricky process, even for the most experienced of crawfish boilers. It all comes down to temperature: most turn their burners off and let their crawfish soak in the still-hot. Typically, most will soak until their crawfish sink. Some add ice directly to the boil to cool the water and stop the cooking. But the problem is that both of these all-too-common methods interfere with your boil, leading to overcooked seafood (if they’re floating, they’re still cooking!) and diluted flavors from ice.

This is why we invented the Boil Boss crawfish cooler. Our patented cooling system rapidly cools your seafood to 150° in under 5 minutes, surrounding the entire outer layer of your pot with a steady stream of water to stop the cooking process and start your soak. No more overcooking your seafood, and no more dilution that ruins your mouth-watering flavors and seasonings!

Gain Greater Temperature Control

The Boil Boss crawfish paddle stirring a seafood boil

The importance of temperature can’t be stressed enough with a successful seafood boil. Seafood cooks quickly, and sometimes, the only thing standing between you and that perfect boil is temperature. It’s crucial to drop the temperature quickly after the boil to prevent overcooking and maximize the flavors you’ve built. Relying on ice and guessing about the time it takes to cool the water is a delicate process that can make all the difference in your results.

There’s no need to guess about temperature or when to turn off your Boil Boss with the Thermo-Paddle. The perfect companion to the Boil Boss 360° cooling ring, our crawfish paddle gives you an easy way to monitor temperature for cooling and soaking.

This innovative tool is your key to greater temperature control, minus any hassle. Use the Thermo-Paddle to continuously stir the pot for even cooling and monitor the temperature with its easy-to-read, labeled temperature dial. When it reaches about 150°, you know it’s time to turn off the Boil Boss and let your seafood soak.

Save Time and Streamline Your Seafood Boils

As Southern Louisiana natives, we understand the seafood boiling process – including its challenges. Our ultimate goal is to take the hassle out of the process so you can spend more time enjoying creating lifelong memories and less time stressing over the boil.

We have you covered from boil to soak. Engineered for speed and efficiency, our propane jet burner features innovative flame technology for less propane waste and a cleaner flame, hassle-free patented remote ignition, and three jets that deliver lightning-fast boils.

Combined with our other seafood boil supplies, the Boil Boss Triple Jet Burner is a game-changer for your seafood boil. Stop overcooking your seafood today and try our patented designs!