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This product is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

I ordered the Boil Boss because I saw it on you tube and it made sense to me. Used it the next day and made it so much easier to do the crawfish boil. I even ordered the paddle. Can’t wait for that to come in! My only regret is that I didn’t know about this sooner.

My boil boss

I used my boss worked exactly as advertised it was one of the best boils to date


Super simple idea, but most importantly, awesome. No mo mushy crawfish.


Boiled crawfish last weekend and cut my hot soaking time to minutes and was spicy like I wanted it. Would recommend it to anyone

Boil Boss

What a time saver! I'm eating hot food five minutes after the boil is complete instead of 1/2 hour or more!

Seems to be perfect

I have not been able to use it yet , but I have heard they work really good

Fantastic tool

Would absolutely recommend.

It works GREAT

Boil Boss does it right every time!

The Boil Boss is a must-have for all crawfish enthusiasts. It will get the soak temp just where you want it - every time. No more ice, no more guessing about seasoning adjustments on multiple boils. As a former caterer, I wish I had access to this product decades ago.

Harry C.
Pensacola Beach FL

Great product

I’ve been boiling crawfish for about 4 or 5 years now. Each season I try to get better than the year before. With the addition of the boil boss cooler I have really stepped my game up. Glad I found out about you guys.


Used it the weekend I recieved it. Cooled down our seafood boil so quick and effortlessly without messing with that ice and taking away from the seasoning. I would definitely reccomend this product if you plan on doing any boils.

Boil Boss made the difference!

Had several boils so far. Our first with the Boil Boss was exceptional! Many “this was your best boil ever” comments. Everyone was surprised they ate more than usual. Same recipe. Only difference was the Boil Boss. It’s awesome!

Have not had a chance to use it , but I believe it will do the job as described.

Why did I wait so long?

I’ve seen this product for years, but always stuck with ice for cooling. I was able to compare similar size pots side by side last weekend. I couldn't believe how fast the Boil Boss ring cooled compared to the ice. I’m sold, my brother just ordered one as well.

Boil Boss Hooks

I like the product but the hooks on the boil boss are too small for the ring around my 120 quart pots. I purchased the smaller boil boss. Are the hooks on the larger one any wider? Please advise. Thanks

Boil Boss Paddle

Excellent service and an excellent product.


Simply amazing product. The science behind the creativity of this product is magnificent. Cuts the time and hassle of ice when cooling and soaking. Looking forward to purchasing the paddle soon!!!

Boil Boss

Husband said it worked really good.

Get it!!!!

I got the paddle and the boil boss ring and it was the best decision will take your boil to the next level all I get is compliments on the flavor and the trick is in the soaking but you don’t want to overcook it there’s where the ring comes in!


Does exactly what it’s meant to do

Quality product

Received items as described

Boil Boss
Boil boss

Does exactly what it claims, cools pot down, let's those crawfish soak up the seasoning. Awesome 👌 🆒️

Great Product.

The boil boss cooled our pot down super fast. It was easy to use. Also it only took two days for delivery. I’m really pleased with the boil boss.

Simple and very effective products

You made my life easy! Best crawfish ever.


Absolutely love the quality !!!