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Foundation Boil
Anthony Marshall
Get it right the first time.

I came to the Boil Boss site to buy the Boil Ring. Which works great. Then I saw the seasoning. Needles to say each Boil turn out great. Everyone gor mothers day was so pleased, everyone has ordered the ring and the seasoning for their next Boil at home. Thanks for a great product.
Trey, LSU

Love it. Bought one for each of my son in laws

Fast shipping and works as intended

Works great and as intended

My order came late, I needed it but couldn’t even use it for my boil. SMFH.

Boil Boss Pot Cooler
Travis Jackson
Absolutely awesome!

Love it! Took it from 200 to 149 in 2 and half minutes! Would definitely recommend it to anyone that loves to boil!

Great stuff!!!!

Boil Boss Pot Cooler
Dustin Burton
Worked Perfectly!!!

Tried this out a few days ago for my crawfish boil. They started to sink within seconds and it took less than 3 minutes to get to 150. Honestly, it took me by surprise, even after watching the videos. I’ll have to save up for the thermometer paddle next because I almost cooled them down too much before noticing. Highly recommend this product!

Great Product

Tried it out this wknd and worked flawlessly. Less than 3 mins to get to 145F.

Boil Boss

Boil Boss did exactly what it advertised! Dropped the water temperature to 150 degrees in a matter of minutes! So easy to use! Love it!! Thanks so much!

Foundation Boil
Larry Billingsly

We will be using it April 27. Will review after that. Thanks

Boil Boss

The temperature paddle is a must have and pot cooler works like a charm everything was like they said. I did a perfect boil

Boil bath

Great product

Crawfish necessity

The boil boss is a crucial part of having your crawfish turn out perfect. The key to a good soak and a must have at every crawfish boil.

Boil Boss Pot Cooler
Great product

This works great. Just like they said and no more using ice. Quick delivery. Great price

Boil Boss Pot Cooler
Tanman the Raptor
Be the boss of the boil

Pull up on em with the power to control a raging pot of water with an authority that would make Aquaman blush. Harness the ability to calm a rolling boil faster than the gods of the sea making Neptune quake with envious rage. Soak up the glory as the shrimp soak up the seasoning. Watch as your friends huddle around and glare in awe as if you've discovered fire. Be the talk of the town. BE the boss of the boil.


This product was easy to use and well worth the money.

Boil Boss Pot Cooler
Anthony Rodriguez
Paddle and Boil Boss

Do a big boil every year for the Super Bowl. The paddle with built in thermometer is a genius idea and worked amazing. Now to the boil boss this thing cool my pot from a rolling boil down to soaking temps in about 5 min with our water temps of course. Worked flawless highly recommended

Works great wish it was cheaper

Boil Boss Pot Cooler
Wayne Schuler
Weak spoon

Handle was a nice length and strong and spoon is a good size however there are two bends between the handle and spoon that weakened the integrity of the spoon

Foundation Boil
Chanda Polk

Three words: Full of Flavor! That is all

Great product

Foundation Boil
Raoul Schneider
Excellent product and service

Called up the company, ordered on line and got it delivered in a few days!

I haven’t tried it yet, but when I do, I will let you know how much I like it or dislike it .I am looking forward to it being my number one burner.

Poor Customer Service

I canceled this order before it was shipped but received no response. I sent additional emails and FaceBook messages but received no response. I haven’t used the Triple Jet Burner and probably won’t.