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My son n law is excited for the crawfish season this next year. He is ready to try out the paddle and thebring


i bought the boilboss and the paddle. broke them both in this past weekend boiling shrimp for the family christmas get together and i must say my experience using the bb products was awesome! i wont boil again without them and the quality of materials and build of these products are second to none. thanks for creating a great product thats works exactly as advertised!!

Great product

We love ours. Bought more for Christmas gifts

boss baby

love it

Game Changer

Robert and crew were amazing, the product is phenomenal. Had a 40 person boil this weekend and it worked amazing.

Texas Boil Boss

Worked as advertised, cooled pot down very quick. Highly recommend this product.

It works great! Get you one!

Thank you Boil Boss! I was very impressed with the Boil Boss! Made my Crawfish Boil a hit! Now all my friends want one!

Boil Boss Paddle!!

I have not been able to use it yet, but it looks solid! Can’t wait to use it along with my Boil Boss for a huge crawfish boil!!

It is a Christmas gift for my son so I won’t be able to write a review until after Christmas.


Works like a charm! It actually works better than they say it does. Don’t hesitate, just buy it!

Great paddle!


Simple but effective

Great product, a tad pricey for what you’re getting, but it works as intended and does a great job.

You need this!!

Just used for the first time! Works Amazingly! It fit my 120

Boil Boss


After watching a video from smokey ribs aka Mr. Russ Jones, i was just amazed at how fast the boil boss reduced the temperature of the boil. Ive had my boil boss for 2 week and have used it 4 times, and it has made a huge difference in my boil game!!! Thank you Robert for this awsome invention!!!!

Very Very Good

My only input would be either a 30qt smaller model as not everyone is cooking for a large crowd. One quick way to achieve this night be to offer the smaller BB hoop (as is) and 3” longer bracket hooks, allowing a diameter pot of 15 or so inches (popular for past Turkey fryers pots) to work with the BB!

Saw your Boss for the first time on Smokey Ribs.

All the best!


Perfect Fit

I love this product. It was the perfect addition to our shrimp boil. We cooked for 16 people and my guest were able to eat within my time frame because of the ability to cool down the pot. I will be ordering this product for family as gifts!

It’s In Tennessee!

Boiling Shrimp in Tennessee!

Just get it

Everything exactly as advertised. Zero bullshit. Lovin’ my purple and gold! Thibidoux and Landry will be envious I guarantee.

Love it. Works likeit says it will.

Standard Boil Boss (Black and Gold)
Customers love them!

We have stocked the Boil Boss since before Easter and have reordered several times. Customers come in asking for it by name and seem to love it.

Great working product!

Worked excellent! Would of given a 5 star but I got the smallest Boil Boss you had and it's still too big for my 40qt pot. Wish you had one a slight bit smaller.

first boil

cooled pot down faster than I expected.

Just Get It!!!!!!

Worth every penny and delivers mouth watering results.

Superb !

Brings a new meaning to our boils ! Great concept, cuts down time and helps keep out seafood flavorful and juicy !!! Thank you boil boss.